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Did you know you're 8 times more likely to be ejected from your vehicle when you're not wearing a seatbelt? Always remember to buckle up!

Crashed Lives - Consultant (seatbelt) - 2008 www.youtube.com
Crashed Lives is a road safety campaign featuring true life case studies in which people speak about the consequences of a crash or about the loss of loved o...

RSA Urges People Unfamiliar With Motorway Driving Or Using Roundabouts To Take Special Lessons with their Local Approved Driving Instructor.�The Road Safety Authority (RSA) today 13th February published a new booklet to help drivers use motorways safely and is also asking drivers who are unfamiliar with driving on a motorway or using a roundabout to consider taking some special lessons with a local Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) to brush up on their skill

We have been advised by our colleagues in Driver testing that some test candidates are attending for their practical driving test in Category ‘B’ who were subject to the Essential Driver training (EDT) requirements yet have not produced a completed EDT logbook when requested.The result of this is that candidates have not been tested, and fees have been forfeit. Many of the cases we have looked at have been entirely avoidable. This is naturally a source of frustration for those candidates who have completed the 12 EDT as part of their driver training and are expecting to have their test carried out as scheduled.While applicants cannot be tested without the logbook having been completed and signed and stamped, including the ‘Lesson Certification’ pages, after 17th February 2012, any test candidate who does not have their driving test conducted for this reason will, (in all cases) be required to submit a fresh application and a further fee.

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