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Reviews on web pages are important. All our reviews are genuine and are not written by any member of Lucan School of Motoring. We are a long established honest driving school and do not believe in deceiving our clients at any time. The most important aspect of learning to drive for us and for you the learner is that you feel very comfortable and trust your driving instructor. Please enjoy reading them.........

Martin Baxter, Lucan

I had zero driving knowledge prior to learning but after taking 12 EDTs and a few extra driving lessons with Terry, I managed to pass my driving test 1st time. Terry's extremely patient as well as a brilliant driving instructor/ teacher. I took a couple of pretest lessons with him, including one just before the driving test. It all paid off even if I've been sleep deprived the previous 2 weeks from having a new born in the house! I can't believe I passed my driving test but he believed in me and kept reassuring that I would, and to just be confident in myself. I cannot recommend Terry enough for his great tutoring ability and he posesses impressive motivational skills - he'd make a great life coach! Many thanks Terry, we cannot thank you enough for all your help!
Martin and family

Thomas Conway, Clondalkin,

I did 12 EDT lessons and a few pretests with Terry, he was excellent. I passed my driving test the first time, where Terry played a huge part. I started my driving lessons with a little experience and Terry brought me on from there, to the point where I was extremely confident in my abilities and able to pass my test on the first attempt. He's calm, easy to understand and a great teacher. I did a pretest right before my actual driving test and he gave me the confidance to pass.I'd highly recommend Terry to anyone who is a beginner or wanting a refresh of their driving skills.Thanks,Thomas Conway, Clondalkin

Paul Smith, Clondalkin

Just passed my test in Tallaght with Terry, took the 12 EDT Lessons with him, he explained everything so well and really worked with me on what I needed to pass my driving test. All my mates want your number! Thanks Terry.

John Hennessy, Lucan

Hi Terry,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your great help and advice preparing for my Driving test. Your patience and clear and constructive feedback were invaluable in helping me pass my driving test. You believed in my driving ability and you instilled great faith and confidence in me. I would have no hesitation what so ever in recommending you to my friends and family. Thank you once again.

Martha Haastrup, Lucan

My name is Martha and I've just passed my driving test in Tallaght a few days ago.Terry was very helpful to me I got four pretest lessons in total off him and he gave me a lot of good advice to kick me out of my bad habits. On the day of my driving test we had an hour pretest before my test around Tallaght. Here he made me feel more confident driving as I was very nervous, this helped me to relax a lot. He went through a few questions on the rules of the road, wished me luck and off I went. Thankfully I passed and I'm sure it was because of Terry's wise words THANK YOU TERRY .
Sincerely Martha Haastrup.

John Bockarie, Lucan

Terry is a great driving instructor and helped me achieve my goal of becoming a fully licensed driver. He is aware of a lot driving pitfalls and is excellent in preparing you for the test mentally in terms of remaining calm under pressure. I would definately recommend him for anyone intending on getting a driving instructor.

Preetha Mohanan, Lucan,

Hi Terry, I passed my driving test in the first chance itself. Even though I have been driving as a learner for some time, I've never had the confidence to appear for the test. You are the one who boosted my spirits up... The lessons I had with you were really useful and thank you so much for your help ..

Mary Smith, Lucan,

I needed to learn to drive, quickly. Terry came recommended to me by family and friends. They had all learned to drive with Lucan School of Motoring. I am now driving and hope to do my driving test soon. Thanks Terry.

Susan Kelly, Clondalkin,

I passed my driving test today in Tallaght. Terry thought me to drive, he even thought my mum and all my auntys too. He is brilliant. I am only 18 and have my full driving license!! Thanks Terry for all your help.

Edel Byrne, Lucan

Hi Terry, just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help, your patience and encouragement were greatly appreciated during my 12 EDT Lessons, you put me at ease from day one. Now I am a very confident capable driver thanks to you.!! You are a great driving instructor. Thanks again.

Niall O'Reilly, Clondalkin

Terry tought me to drive a few years ago, got a couple of pretests from him and passed my test in Tallaght first time, thanks for all the help and advice Terry. Would recommend Terry definately to all my friends. Cheers.

Dominic Maxwell, Lucan

I finally passed my driving test last week and all credit goes to Terry. His patience, encouragement and clear instruction were key to me passing the test. Unlike some other instructors I've had he doesn't try to change your driving "style", rather he helps you improve your current "style" to the extent that you become a confident driver capable of passing the test I would have no hesitation in recommending Terry as a driving instructor. Many thanks again Terry!! Dominic.

Oliva Grogan, Lucan

I had lessons with other instructors in the area, then a friend recommended Terry. From the first driving lesson he cleared up all the confusion which had been caused by my previous instructor. I had no confidence in my driving and thought I was the worst learner in the world, but with Terrys 17 years teaching experience you soon realize there is nothing you are going to do that he hasnt seen a learner driver do before, and there is great comfort in that. Thanks Terry for getting my confidence back. I can honestly say Terry is the best instructor out there!!!

Niamh Smith, Lucan,

Just passed my test on Friday, with Lucan School of Motoring. Thanks to Terry. I learned to drive with Terry and then he prepared me for my driving test, and I am so happy to say I passed first time! I would recommend him to anyone who wants to pass their driving test first time.

Paul Jones, Lucan

Took 12 EDT driving lessons with Terry. Very professional, always on time, always took his time to explain all aspects of the EDT's. Really was concerned about the EDT's but they were very structured and easy to follow. Have already recommended Terry to a few of my friends. Cheers.

Izabela Garczarek, Clondalkin

I really want to thank you for great driving lessons, instructions how to be a good driver. How to react to hazards on the roads, actually for everything. Without these driving lessons and driving pretests I know I would not have passed my driving test today! Lucan School of Motoring is the best driving school in the World! Once again, Thanks!

Fiachra Lynch, Leixlip

I have recently passed my driving test and had a pretest with Terry. He went through all aspects of what i needed to know in the test. In my experience Terry was extremely professional and a nice guy. I wouldn't have passed the driving test if i hadn't had the pretests before the actual test. I have recommended him to a few people i know with there tests coming up.

Lisa Smith, Lucan

Just passed my driving test with Terry at Lucan School of Motoring and I am only 18! Cant believe it. Terry was so exact in all his "pass your driving test tips". Test routes covered were difficult which meant I was very well prepared for what ever the examiner tested me on. Hired driving school car also. Loved it, Nissan Micra, so easy to drive.

Peter Nolan, Lucan,

Passed my test today! Booked 5 pre-test lessons with Terry. Brilliant! He knew so many different test routes , it was amazing! This was my third time to sit my test, other driving instructors had not even showed me half of what Terry knew. He had me prepared for whatever the examiners may throw my way. They were not gonna get me this time! Thanks to Terry. He gave me so much confidence, preparation for test was spot on.

Dave Byrne, Clondalkin

Booked 10 driving lessons with Terry and my driving and confidence has improved so much. I have used other instructors in Lucan before and have to say the difference and professionalism with Terry is 1st class. It is very important to feel very comfortable with your driving instructor. For me finding Terry at Lucan School of Motoring was step one on my now very happy road to learning to drive!

Adele Smith, Lucan

Thanks Terry for all your help. Prestest lessons were brilliant. I suppose after so many years getting people ready for their driving test, there is nothing the examiners can hide from you! Really appreciated all your advice. You knew exactly what I needed to practice in order for me to pass my test! Cheers!

John Byrne, Clondalkin

Took driving lessons with Lucan School of Motoring and after a few hours in the driving school car, I was able to drive my own car. I continued my driving lessons in my own car and my confidence just grew. Very patient instructors, even brought me on test routes!!. A lot of my friends have taken their driving lessons with Lucan School of Motoring and recommended them to me. I would recommend them to anyone learning to drive. Thanks!

Noleen Maguire, Lucan

If your looking for the most patient driving instructor in Lucan, then ask for Terry! He helped me through every difficult step and encouraged me all the way through each driving lessons. I would have no problem in recommending Lucan School of Motoring as the best driving school in Lucan!

Darragh Cox, Lucan,

Overall very compentant driving instructor, plenty of constructive critisism throughout and felt well prepared with pretest lessons and confident for the driving test. Car was easy enough to drive and practice routes were all suitable to what was being done in the driving lessons. Would recommend to others. Passed my test!

Elizabeth Moran, Lucan,

I have had 5 lessons so far with Terry and find him to be a very patient driving instructor.I look forward to each driving lesson and my confidence in learning to drive has come on so much.I would advise anyone I know who was thinking of learning to drive to go with Lucan School of Motoring and if Terry was their instructor they would do great!!,Kind Regards,Liz

Noreen Doyle, Palmerstown

I needed to get driving lessons, but I kept putting it off. Then a friend recommended Lucan School of Motoring so I decided to call them. I am so glad I did. I had my driving lessons close together, about 3 a week. They were always on time, very polite and patient driving instructors and just helped me through the whole process, especially the nerves! Thanks again, now I love to drive. Will definitely be calling you again when I need my pretest lessons to pass the driving test.!

Azmir Benjal, Lucan

Both me and my wife got full license because of Terry. A nervous driver like me would have never got the licence, if I hadnt gone to him. Would recommend him 100% sincerity. Most patient driving school in Lucan.

Nicole Smith, Lucan,

I really thought I was never going to learn to drive. When I first met Terry he made me feel so relaxed and totally took things at my pace. He is an excellent driving instructor, patient but yet gets to point accross in a way that you just seem to understand what he is saying. Thankyou Terry, I am now driving, my dream has come true thanks to you. Nicole

Sarah Cullen, Lucan

Terry was brilliant. The test routes he covered were spot on. He knew exactly where I was going wrong. He is so patient and has a way of explaining things so it simply makes sense for you. If you want to learn to drive properly and pass you test. Phone Terry! Thanks for all your wonderful advice tips and most of all patience.

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